#1 Business activities, requiring license or permission by DavisThompson 14.12.2022 22:05

At the business incorporation and company incorporation stage, it is necessary to determine whether a license is required. When providing financial services such as B. banking, a license is usually required as the strict rules of EU law apply. The same applies to other money services in money transfers, financial institutions, insurance companies and insurance brokers, trading in bonds and securities, trading in jewelery and gambling. In some jurisdictions, chartered accountants, lawyers, notaries and bailiffs require a license. Building work on the site requires the purchase of a permit. Another type of sales tax should be applied if some jurisdictions require a seller's license and additional registration in the tax register, VAT payer register or the purchase of a tax exemption certificate.

Depending on the nature of the products, the licenses and permits may be required for different areas, for example for alcohol trade you may need a wholesale or retail license or a license for strong alcoholic beverages and beer. If the company conducts business related to the sale of excise products such as coffee, oil, tobacco or storage services for the above products, these activities require the acquisition of a license.

Pharmaceutics, drug manufacturing and activities related to narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances also require a special permit, which usually includes several criteria to be met, as the activities are directly related to human health care.

Commercial activities involving explosives, pyrotechnics and other explosive substances as well as all types of firearms and ammunition and other substances necessary for military purposes are strictly regulated and require a permit in order to be able to handle them. If the company provides transportation-related services such as freight or passenger transportation by air, rail, ship, or highway, a transportation license is required in most cases.

Postal and mobile services, social services, employment agencies, security companies, private investigators - all of these require a license. Activities that affect the environment such as geology, oil production, activities that may cause pollution, refuse and waste disposal and recycling, activities involving chemical substances and radioactive substances – also require a permit.

Hotels, hostels, guesthouses and other places relevant to tourism, as well as tourism operators and tourism agencies, require a permit.

Wood recycling, cultivation and cutting, surveying services - subject to approval. Hunting and hunting-like activities require a license. The same applies to anglers. The production and distribution of strategic resources such as gas, electricity and water require permits. In each jurisdiction, the list of commercial activities subject to licensing may be different.

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